Expressing God's Heart

The ‘Mighty Men’ at Victory Praise Community Church would love to see you if you are a man looking to be challenged and strengthened in your walk with God!

I believe Gods plan for the ministry is unity, for men no matter what their background or denomination to stand as one against the latest attack on Gods kingdom, just like King David had his three and 30 mighty men to defeat giants and masses of enemies facing Gods kingdom then the church needs to raise up Mighty Men ready and willing to do the same today

No man can stand alone, we need brothers to stand with us, we need warriors to stand beside us and we need Mighty Men to fight with us… if you as a man want a band of brothers who are like minded in their desire to up their game in seeking Gods will then Mighty Men at VPCC will be the place to start that journey


Mighty Men - The Men's Ministry at Victory Praise

Philippians 4:13 - I can do all things through him who strengthens me